SMART Center Launched

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This past October, EOS finalized an agreement to manage Nicaragua’s SMART Center in collaboration with WaterAid and the Nicaraguan Water and Sanitation Network (RASNIC). SMART refers to an acronym for Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies.

The SMART Center aims to be a networking hub that combines knowledge management and social enterprise to improve sustainable access to low-cost water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions for all, with an emphasis on reaching marginalized communities with SMART self-supply solutions.

The ultimate goal for the SMART Center is to provide SMART WASH technologies, best practices, and technical support throughout Nicaragua.

In addition to promoting access to, and the sustainability of tested solutions, the SMART Center provides a space for private sector service providers, WASH technicians, and universities to develop, demonstrate and sell innovative WASH technologies.

The SMART Center website (in Spanish) can be found here. Get updates about the SMART Center by signing up for our newsletter.

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