Safe Water from Mountain to Fountain

Why the Tap?

Studies have shown that over 50% of unsupported international community water system projects fail and remain unrepaired because of insufficient operational, technical, and financial capacity, and a lack of ongoing technical and community support within five years.

EOS works to change this by providing sustainable, long-term support every step of the way from the water source in the mountain to a glass of safe drinking water from a tap of a fountain.

The core of our model, The Tap, is channeled through EOS’ ongoing technical and community support through our Circuit Rider program to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of our water projects. As soon as a chlorinator is installed in a community, EOS’ assigns a Circuit Rider who provides monthly water quality testing and analysis, operational and technical education to the water board, watershed restoration, and ongoing chlorine tablet distribution and monitoring. This support system helps build the skills the community water board needs to successfully run and maintain their own drinking water systems for the long term.

Together, our team visits over 500 communities a year across 17 municipalities, reaching over 250,000 people. A single Circuit Rider can support 50-75 rural communities a month. EOS’ Circuit Rider model costs approximately $30/month ($360 annually) to provide water quality monitoring and training for a community over the course of 12 months. This investment helps sustain our water community for the long-haul. EOS has found that more than 90% of water systems within the communities we serve are fully operational.

Join The Tap Today!

For just $30 a month, you will provide 100 families (500 people) with access to safe drinking water for a year.

Become a member of the Tap: Join a group of like-minded monthly givers on a mission to bring sustainable, long-lasting impact to the lives of an entire community by investing in access to safe drinking water. As part of the Tap giving circle, you will get access through your own unique link to real-time information on the community you are investing in and see the impact your donation is making to empower and save lives.

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