Water Analysis

EOS knows the importance of water quality, that is why we offer testing analysis to the rural communities that we serve. The results of the water quality serve as a roadmap for our technicians to take action to treat, protect, and make recommendations to ensure the water the community is drinking is safe for consumption. EOS offers two types of water quality testing services (in-the-field & laboratory testing) to rural communities throughout Nicaraguan and Honduras.

  • Install Technology

    EOS installs water water purification systems to communities' existing water tanks, releasing a controlled dosage of chlorine into the drinking water.

  • Train Communities

    With strong community ties and a dedicated on-the-ground staff, EOS International trains beneficiaries to how to use, maintain, and repair their technologies.

  • Test Drinking Water

    Staff members in Nicaragua and Honduras test communities' water on site or in EOS' advanced water laboratories, ensuring it is safe to drink.

Field Testing

EOS Clean Water Technician Circuit Riders travel to communities each month to test for the presence of chlorine and ensure the water purification system is working correctly.

Monthly Visits

Each month EOS technicians visit communities to test for the presence of chlorine in their water system. The presence of chlorine indicates the absence of bacteria. Technicians test water located in the community’s water tank, a home in the middle of the water system, and a home at the end of the system, ensuring that the water maintains its quality throughout the community.

Visual Results

EOS technicians also perform a presence/absence test using a procedure called PathoScreen. This test provides users with a visual result demonstrating if there are bacteria in the water. Most water contaminates are invisible to the naked eye, so performing this test serves as one of our best marketing tools as the visual result is very comprehensible to community members.

Tracking Results

This type of testing is always completed in the field and results are left with the community and recorded by the water board members. With limited government assistance and intervention, it falls on individual communities to not only gain access to safe drinking water, but to monitor, test, and maintain their systems, a job made exponentially easier with the help of EOS International.

Lab Testing

In addition to field testing, EOS International’s advanced laboratories are used for in-depth water quality assessment, including testing for a dozen different parameters.

Annual Testing

Every six to twelve months, water is securely transported from communities to EOS’ laboratories to receive in-depth water quality testing analysis. These tests measure not only the presence of bacteria and chlorine, but a host of other parameters.

Lab Results

Thorough water analysis conducted in our advanced laboratories includes testing for total coliforms, fecal coliforms, turbidity, conductivity, pH, temperature, nitrates, ammonia, free chlorine, total chlorine, arsenic, lead, and iron.

Centrally Located

EOS’ labs are centrally located in Honduras and Nicaragua. Technicians follow strict industry standards to minimize contamination and ensure accurate samples. EOS also has a portable lab that can be taken into the field to perform in-depth analysis.


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