EOS’ Water Chlorinator

low-cost • low-maintenance • no electricity to use

Clorador ADEC


EOS International’s water purification technology is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that attaches to any rural community’s water tank and inactivates pathogens in water systems by releasing a controlled dosage of chlorine. One system can provide safe drinking water for up to 1,000 community members and requires no electricity to use.

  • Water Source Requirements

    EOS International's water purification system is designed for use in rural areas with a gravity fed water system having a flow rate between 2 and 20 gallons per minute. The water supply should have minimal organic material present and turbidity levels of less than 5 NTUs.

  • Materials Needed

    EOS' water chlorinator uses inexpensive, locally sourced materials including PVC piping, T-joints, caps, pipe adhesive, and ball valves. In addition to raw materials, plans, templates, instructions, and trainings are provided to communities, ensuring projects' long-term success.

  • Disinfectant Used

    The communities EOS serves use locally sourced chlorine tablets (Calcium hypochlorite or Trichloro-Isocyanuric Acid) to disinfect their drinking water. It is important to note that the tablets must be approved for human consumption and tested in the unit to dissolve at a slow rate.

Water Analysis

With our dedicated staff, EOS is able to test the quality of water both in the field and at our advanced water labs in our centrally located Nicaragua and Honduras offices.