Women Accelerate Progress

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Inclusive decision-making strengthens social cohesion. It is undeniable. When women have an equal role in designing, managing, and monitoring water systems, there is a positive impact on the long-term sustainability of safe water outcomes. We see this every day. And to the women making it so, we see you.

We see you, and we support you. An important part of inclusion is training, and in the EOS plumbing workshop held in the department of Cabañas in El Salvador, almost thirty women representing five water systems gather enthusiastically. They hold positions on their water boards – secretary, president, member. They are health promoters. They are mothers. They are caretakers of not only their families, but also of their communities.

By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all.

— unwomen.org

And for the series of workshops aimed at increasing competencies in the areas of water system operation and maintenance, the women water board leaders add student to their already long list of roles. They gather around tables boasting tools of the trade and supplies of all description. Pipes and elbows and valves. Adhesive and solvent and joint tape. Wrenches and saws and sleeves. And when it’s time, this group of curious and committed committee members dives in. Without hesitation. Amongst their peers and with the support of Circuit Riders, they learn to do by doing. They make threads on galvanized iron tubes. They read micrometers and learn their components. They strengthen their knowledge of flow rates, of chlorinators, and of water quality.

The dedicated women who add skills to their already full plates absolutely embody the notion that when you invest in women, you accelerate progress. On International Women’s Day, we recognize the critical contribution of women to all facets of water system governance, maintenance, and sustainability.

Investing in women accelerates progress.
Today and everyday. 

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