EOS to Host Nearly 90 Students in 2017

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As the summer begins to wind down and school resumes session, EOS is proud to have hosted university students from all over the United States as a part of their International Leadership Program. So far this year, nearly 50 students from the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, University of Iowa, Middlebury Institute, and the University of Nevada, Reno have visited EOS’ offices in Nicaragua to help install technologies, design technologies of their own, identify community needs, and work on human-centered design projects.

Projects have included creating natural fertilizer and biochar by burning agricultural waste in a biochar reactor, designing technologies that will in turn produce cement blocks for construction, designing a stove and fuel from waste rice hulls, establishing battery leasing programs to provide rural families with electricity, and improving water quality testing initiatives.

In addition to schoolwork, students had the opportunity to experience a unique exchange of culture and language. Each student lived with a host family in San Isidro where they learned to cook traditional foods, wash laundry by hand, play street soccer, dance bachata, and at times even take a siesta in a hammock.

By the end of 2017, EOS expects to host approximately 90 students from five different universities. Here is a little bit of what they had to say about their experience:

“I am really going to miss the EOS staff, especially Karla. They all were such strong, hard-working individuals and I am so honored to have worked with all of them.” – University of MN student

“I have made long lasting connections and friendships through this study abroad. I believe these connections will help benefit my future and EOS’s future. I think EOS is doing an incredible job working with their community. They are doing things that many of us wish we could do.” Christopher O’Neill

“The EOS team doesn’t just install the chlorinator and leave the town to figure out if they want to use it or not. They go and try to inform people of the benefits of chlorine. And I think that is what defines if an organization is successful in meeting people’s needs.” – University of MN student

“I feel that EOS is doing amazing things in Nicaragua, and they are wise in their efforts to diversify to constantly consider new ways to generate revenue without sole reliance on US investment.” Dr. Gloria Starns

“Seeing the EOS staff always being resourceful and creative in their solutions changed my perspective of engineering. I realized it’s not always about the biggest and best solution, but rather finding a solution that’s good enough to solve the current problem.” – University of MN student

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