International Leadership Program

International Leadership Program

EOS International provides opportunities to students for hands-on experiential travel to Nicaragua that supports long term initiatives to fight poverty throughout Central America.

EOS International partners with several Universities and students for a comprehensive service learning course in San Isidro, Nicaragua. Students will contribute to sustainable long term community projects while completing supplemental educational assignments. Gain a deeper understanding of international development, global citizenship, and intercultural competency. Students will be prepared and encouraged to discuss and contribute to solutions for critical global issues related to sustainable development, within a local community and alongside an international team. By providing students the opportunity to live and work within their chosen field of study, they will develop professional capacities associated with intercultural competency, global citizenship, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. Trips are uniquely designed and prepared based on student and University needs. For more information on how to get your student group involved with a service learning project email

What’s included:

  • Unique Home Stay accommodations with local Nicaraguan families (Students say this is the best part)
  • All meals and water
  • All pre-planned group activities
  • In-Country transportation
  • A dedicated trip coordinator
  • Pre-departure information
  • In Country support and translation services
  • Group leader Access to local medical facilities Up to date safety and country information

“Professor Starns was an influence throughout my decision to come to EOS. She can be very convincing. But who really pushed me over the edge was Chris Deal (former employer, engineering, and board member of EOS). A quick chat with him convinced me that a month in San Isidro would be immensely more valuable than another internship back in the States. Looking back, I have to agree.”


– Patrick Ward, ISU student of Engineering

I learned that even with the most minimal technology and money, amazing things could be constructed. Not everyone needs money and possessions to be happy or to gain wealth.”


–  Eli Abel, ISU student of Engineering

If I were to write an article about my summer spent in Nicaragua, I would call it ‘Living and Learning.’ I would say that those two things can sum up this whole trip. Going to a foreign country where you not speak the language, seeing amazing new sights, meeting awesome people, and doing new things are all such exciting experiences. When you are doing these types of things, you feel that you are truly living and not just letting life pass you by. With living comes a lot of learning, and I have done a ton of learning on this trip. From speaking a different language, learning about Nicaraguan culture, and learning more about human centered design and our own project, I really think this experience has made me grow as a person.”


Michael Pane

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