EOS Expands its Clean Water Initiative

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Since 2011, EOS International has worked closely with Compatible Technology International (CTI) to implement CTI’s water chlorinator program throughout Nicaragua. CTI, a 35-year-old Minnesota-based NGO, specializes in post-harvest technology solutions for smallholder farmers, with food and water tools across the globe. In 2017, CTI realigned its focus and transferred its water program in Nicaragua to EOS International. Over the past seven years, EOS has installed these systems throughout the country, impacting the lives of over 246,000 people.

With this shift, EOS will now offer training, support, and services to an additional 200,000 people, while providing chlorine tablets via established chlorine banks to these extra 300 communities.

The simple, inexpensive water chlorinators EOS implements require no energy to operate and create safe drinking water for communities of up to 1,000 people. These systems work well in remote areas of Nicaragua where there are no centralized treatment plants.

In rural communities, where over 2.5 million Nicaraguans live, contaminated drinking water is endemic. Over 2% of Nicaraguans die from diarrheal diseases, and it is one of the leading causes of death in children under five-years old.

We believe clean water not only improves the health of individuals in rural Nicaragua, but also allows communities to flourish, as access to clean water opens doors to education and income generation.  That is why we are committed to working with communities and small towns to install these low-tech water purifiers that require no electricity and little financial investment.

CTI Executive Director Alexandra Spieldoch commented, “CTI is proud of CTI’s impact in Nicaragua over the years. Thanks to EOS International, this work will continue to grow!”

Wes Meier, EOS Co-founder and CEO explained, “It has been great working, with and learning from, CTI to expand our impact within Nicaragua. This program transition is a perfect example of how collaborating with a partner organization can lead to a greater impact and reach. We are excited to continue this program using the existing base that CTI established.”

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