How We Leverage Market-Based Solutions to Create an Economic Impact

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EOS works in rural communities in Nicaragua and Honduras which are two of the poorest countries in Central America. Over 50% of people live below the poverty line, and in rural areas, many live on less than $2 a day. It is difficult to get an education and find employment in rural areas, creating a cycle of poverty for generations. We are working hard to change this by empowering rural families in Central America with access to safe drinking water and opportunities to generate income through simple technology solutions and education.

With a comprehensive approach, our team provides cost-effective safe drinking water solutions at the community level. Our three-step approach includes water quality testing and analysis, community water treatment and education, and an ongoing chlorine tablet distribution.

Understanding the importance of creating a sustainable impact, we have designed a model to distribute chlorine tablets to remote communities by creating chlorine distribution centers. These centers are small, family-operated businesses that sell chlorine to the surrounding 8-10 rural communities. EOS sells chlorine tablets to these centers at cost, and allow the centers to sell to the rural communities at a small margin. We have found that this distribution model has both allowed us to optimize our supply chain as well as generate additional small businesses for rural entrepreneurial families.

In some cases, entrepreneurs have been able to generate up to $150 per month in profit through these sales. We are also experimenting with ways to provide additional services to rural communities through these centers, by offering technical assistance and water quality testing.

To date, we have been able to set up 51 chlorine distribution centers throughout Nicaragua and Honduras. By creating a model that aligns incentives across the supply chain, socially impactful products and services can effectively flow to the most remote communities.

Through educational training, technological solutions, and long-term partnerships, EOS empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty and redefine their futures. Since our founding in 2008, EOS has installed 2,325 installations of simple, inexpensive, and locally serviceable technologies which have helped over 534,167 Central Americans have access to safe drinking water and opportunities to generate income. Thank you for your continual support!

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