El Salvador Expansion: Extending our Reach

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Whether measured in area, in people positively affected, or in number of communities served, we are happy to share that our impact is growing! We are excited to announce that we have reached across the Honduran and Nicaraguan borders, and 19 new communities in El Salvador are now part of our safe drinking water program.

El Salvador is experiencing one of the worst water crises in Central America. 80% of El Salvador’s territory is under water stress, and more than 60% of the available water is polluted. Many water systems are not efficiently or effectively managed, and many more are left untreated, meaning that available water too often takes the place of safe water.

As is the EOS way, our model targets the gap in support all too often left in the wake of water system construction – investing in people to provide a long-term solution, owned by and for the community, to improve their drinking water quality.

Partnering with local actors has accelerated our expansion into rural communities across El Salvador, leveraging local expertise and existing relationships, and two enthusiastic and knowledgeable circuit riders have joined our team to continue to extend our reach across Central America’s dry corridor.

Your support makes it possible! You have helped us broaden our reach. Thank you for crossing borders with us by prioritizing clean, safe water as a human right. Thank you for helping to make things right.

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