2022 Impact Report

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More than a million. That’s how many people now have access to clean water because of your support! And with our recent expansion into El Salvador and the continued extension of our reach in Honduras and Nicaragua, we are not at all embarrassed to report that the number in print (2022 Impact Report, below) is already out of date!

While we are pleased with this growing reach, we are even more encouraged that the number of people trained to manage their own water system sustainably is growing. The number of children with clean water at home and at school is growing. The number of women emerging as leaders in traditionally male-dominated roles on water boards is growing. You can count on it!

One Million people have been reached with safe water so far. That’s One Million thirsts quenched. One Million fewer worries for families today. One Million healthier tomorrows.

One Million reasons to continue to extend the reach.
You can count on it. 

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