Emergency COVID-19 Response and Hurricane Relief Support for Central America

Updates on EOS’ Proactive Response to COVID-19 and Hurricane Relief Support in Central America

Updates from the field on EOS’ Emergency COVID-19 Response and Hurricane Relief Support in Honduras and Nicaragua

Access to a reliable supply of safe drinking water is a fundamental human need. Now, faced with the COVID-19 global health emergency and two recent back-to-back devasting Hurricanes in Central America, safe water is crucial to survival. The people we serve in Honduras and Nicaragua are navigating similar challenges as many of us while also struggling with the difficulties they faced before the pandemic: for many, the lack of access to safe water and hygiene and the lack of basic infrastructure to handle a health emergency.

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a growing need for our safe water solutions across Central America. We have adapted the way we work in the field under new, extraordinary conditions, and are working hard to meet the increased demand and to help slow the spread of the virus in already vulnerable rural communities.

Our team continues to work on the front lines in over 1,300 communities across Honduras and Nicaragua to ensure there is ongoing access to safe drinking water. We provide drinking water purification for communities, distribute chlorine tablets to treat harmful bacteria and the Coronavirus in water sources, and provide technical support, and education on health and hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, many of these communities lack the healthcare infrastructure needed to fight COVID-19, making safe water even more important to keep families safe from waterborne diseases and allow for proper handwashing and hygiene to stop the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, the devastating flooding and destruction that resulted from two back-to-back hurricanes that struck Central America have further amplified the great need for safe drinking water in the communities we serve. Now more than ever before, safe water saves lives.

A (Muddy) Road Less Traveled

This year has been an unparalleled year for everyone. Our team has also had to think outside of the box during this time, finding unique ways to reach some of our most remote communities. We have sent chlorine via chicken bus and horse. We have walked hours on foot and used our motorcycles to [...]

Hurricane Eta and Iota Update

On November 16th, less than two weeks after Hurricane Eta caused catastrophic flooding and destruction throughout Central America, another hurricane, Hurricane Iota, struck the already devasted Nicaraguan northeast coast. This region was devasted just two weeks before by Eta and has hardly had [...]

June Update from the Field

Over the past few weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases in Honduras and Nicaragua continues to rise.  As of June 29, there are official reports of 18,082 confirmed cases in Honduras and 2,170 reported cases in Nicaragua (Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Database). Unfortunately in Nicaragua, the [...]

May 18th Update from the Field

On May 5th, EOS launched a 10-day campaign to raise $50,000 to support an immediate and lasting emergency response to COVID-19, with 100% of the proceeds going to Central America. These funds will provide critical education to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, community drinking [...]

Updates from the field

COVID-19 UPDATE: Access to safe drinking water is even more critical during these challenging times. Find out how our staff is navigating the situation to find other ways to continue supporting the communities we serve in this update from the field.  This past week, the Secretary of Health in [...]

COVID-19: Our Proactive Response

COVID-19 UPDATE: Access to safe drinking water is even more critical during these challenging times. Find out how our staff is navigating the situation to find other ways to continue supporting the communities we serve in this update from the field.  Dear EOS Supporters: I hope you and your [...]

780 million people lack access to clean water worldwide

In Central America, more than 85% of people do not have access to safe drinking water

Water sources are contaminated with bacteria, causing harmful health issues, especially in children.

Our Reach

EOS International works in rural communities in Nicaragua and Honduras to bring safe drinking water and economic opportunity to some of the most impoverished and forgotten areas in Central America. Many of these hard-to-reach communities posses a water source without means of purification.

Our Technology

EOS’ water purification technology is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that attaches to any rural community’s water tank and inactivates pathogens in water systems by releasing a controlled dosage of chlorine . One system can provide clean water for up to 1,000 community members and requires no energy to use.

Our Team

With an on-the-ground staff in Nicaragua and Honduras, EOS International is a locally managed organization dedicated to the successful implementation of technology solutions through tracking, evaluating, and regular revisiting of communities to ensure installations create long-term, positive impact.

Our Training

For successful, sustainable impact, we know it is imperative to educate beneficiaries on how to use, maintain, and repair their technologies. EOS works closely with communities to deliver formal trainings on water purification systems. In addition, our on-the-ground team can assist communities at a moments notice.

Our Analysis

With our dedicated staff, EOS is able to test the quality of water both in the field and at our advanced water labs in our centrally located Nicaragua and Honduras offices. Circuit Riders continually visit communities on a monthly basis to test water quality and teach communities how to test their own water sources.

Our Tablets

Our systems use locally sourced chlorine tablets to disinfect drinking water. Water chlorination has been recognized by the WHO as one of the safest, low-cost, and effective methods of treating drinking water. Additionally, our chlorine tablet distribution program creates income opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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