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EOS has partnered with One Day’s Wage to implement a long-term sustainable development program in rural communities in Honduras by providing access to safe drinking water by working with community water boards to operate community water systems sustainably.

Community water board members often have little or no water background but are tasked with significant community responsibility. By providing dedicated Circuit Rider services – monthly visits, water testing services, and training on technical, administrative, and business approaches to operating the water system – the water board will receive the support and knowledge required to sustainably and effectively manage their water system.

The goal of our partnership with One Day’s Wage is to provide access to safe drinking water to 40 rural communities in Honduras. EOS’ match amount of $20,000 will be matched 1:1 by One Day’s Wage for a total granting goal of $40,000. Meeting our matching grant goal will turn on the taps for 16,000 people, creating economic opportunities for individuals to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life!

Thank you for helping families to thrive, one day’s wage at a time. Contribute to the match today! 

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