On Joy.

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There is joy as we peak through the doorway of Profesora Maria’s classroom. The students rise from their chairs and with their arms held out to the sides like airplane wings, the morning ritual begins with a chorus of, Yo soy grande (I am big)!But, they’re not. At least not yet. Maria is a teacher at the Los Hornos primary school in Nicaragua who is making it her mission to make sure that they grow up to be just that.Thirteen sets of arms morph from airplane wings into curled biceps and clenched fists and recite in unison, Yo soy fuerte (I am strong)! It takes a village to raise a community of kids, and Maria has returned here to hers after recently receiving her teaching degree. She knows that strong kids are healthy kids – kids with access to safe water.

Take just a minute to hear directly from Maria in Los Hornos, Nicaragua, where safe water reaches both her and her students. Click photo above to link to video.

Yo soy inteligente (I am smart)! With index fingers pointed to temples, the students hand gesture what Maria already knows. Her students are smart. Sure, she might be biased, but in witnessing Maria’s passion and enthusiasm, if she’s had anything to do with it, I believe they probably are.  With thumbs pointed to their chests, the students continue, Yo soy importante (I am important)! And, we couldn’t agree more! When EOS helps communities achieve and maintain safe water, everybody benefits. Because each individual is important. And without safe water at school, the youngest and the most vulnerable would be the most at risk.   Small arms cross across chests as the final line rings out, Nos damos un abrazo (We give ourselves a hug)! As the morning song wraps up, we are smiling just as, if not bigger, than the students. Joy is like that. It spreads and it grows, just like the communities who collaborate for clean water.   Will you help us bring safe water to more schools this season? The joy you share, grows! Comfort, Joy, and Clean Water.Let it grow. 

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