Bringing Electricity to the Last Mile

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To date there is only 12% of Nicaraguans remaining without access to electricity, but, those remaining communities are situated in the most remote, and difficult to access, areas of the country. EOS’ focus is the last mile beneficiaries.

With the knowledge that there are still families living in isolation, EOS has been committed to bringing solar energy throughout Nicaragua since 2010. To date 247 solar systems have been installed all over the country.

The purpose of EOS’s solar program is to provide Solar Electric Systems to rural Central American families who previously used kerosene or other combustibles for light. Replacing kerosene and other energy sources that emit CO2 and black carbon is a worldwide climate change mitigation strategy. These initiatives increase the families’ quality of life by allowing children to read and study after dark, make products for sale, or just enjoy their evening in brightness, without inhaling smoke. Electric light also gives these families something more intangible, a sense of self-worth and hopefulness that they are joining the rest of the modern world.

In 2017 EOS was able to install 71 solar panels impacting the lives of 481 rural Nicaraguans living in poverty through the help of donors such as yourself.

One recipient of this life-changing technology is Señor Gaitán. He is the father of three children, two boys, and a young girl. They live in the community of Pavitas. He works as a day laborer in the field with an average income of $3.20 per day, working Monday to Friday for about $76.80 a month. This income is well below the minimum wage stipulated by the government and results in inadequate living condition.

Señor Gaitán told us that he has lived in the community for 30 years and lived without electricity for all of his life. He lights up his home by burning gas, kerosene, candles, and a tree called ocote. He heard about EOS through a local church and discovered that he could obtain a subsidized solar system.

EOS technicians asked Señor Gaitán what his life was like before using the solar panel and how his life is now? His answer was simple but shocking.

“My life before was sad, full of darkness, smoke, spending money and time to travel to the city to buy candles, gas or kerosene, to light the house. My home is now safer, me and my families’ health is now better, not breathing in the fumes and smoke from gas or kerosene and we are happier.”

Señor Gaitán went on to tell us that his children can now read, study, and do their homework at night, which gives him great satisfaction and tranquility.

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