Announcing Our New CEO!

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Eight years ago, EOS International was created from a collective vision to transform the lives of impoverished individuals through the creation of innovative, affordable technologies. Since that time, the momentum of the organization has been propelled forward by both the overwhelming demand for these low-cost, high-impact technologies, as well as from the relentless and generous support from dedicated donors like yourself. As an organization, we have stayed committed to a business plan that maximizes donor contributions so that we can continue to empower those individuals living on less than $5 per day. As a result of these efforts, EOS reached a historic milestone this year as we reached over 200,000 people. As our organization continues to grow, so does our need for our internal capacity and domestic leadership. Earlier this year the EOS Board of Directors extended an offer to the one of the founders, Wes Meier, to serve as full time director of the organization. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Wes’ acceptance of this position. We look forward to our bright and impactful future.



“Back in 2008, the four of us had a passion to make a difference with the skills that we recently acquired in college. We all started separate careers and EOS was our full-time hobby. Two years flew by quickly, and in 2010 we had a clear mission and a portfolio of technologies that have proven to make a significant impact on people’s lives. As I wrapped up my service in the Peace Corps and returned to the States for a “real job,” we hired Alvaro Rodriguez as our first paid employee to lead our operations in Nicaragua. Stateside, Greg, myself, and several other volunteers continued putting time into growing EOS including several visits to Nicaragua. One hundred percent of the funds that we raised went directly to Nicaragua to scale the operations, build up a competent team, and become a nationally recognized provider of life-improving technology.”

“Fast forward to the present and our organization is at the pivotal step of needing full-time leadership in the US to continue to scale the impact in Nicaragua and Central America. I am honored to realize the dream that was created several years ago and invest all of my effort to bring life changing technologies to as many people as possible. I look forward to sharing the impact that you are helping us make.”

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