A Look into Our Students’ Perspectives

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For the past five years Iowa State University engineering students have been traveling down to Nicaragua for a month-long exchange program with EOS International. Read the impact that their exchange experience with EOS has made on their lives:


I like that EOS was started by a group of friends that graduated from Iowa State. I can relate to having a group of pals that share an interest in making an impact on the world. What I appreciate and respect most is that this particular group actually took the initiative to put forth the work to create something much bigger than themselves. In addition to the organization’s beginnings, I think EOS has great development principles in their focus on sustainability – sustainable projects, sustainable partnerships, and a sustainable business model.

– Levi Nauman, ISU student of Engineering


Professor Starns was an influence throughout my decision to come to EOS. She can be very convincing. But who really pushed me over the edge was Chris Deal (former employer, engineering, and board member of EOS). A quick chat with him convinced me that a month in San Isidro would be immensely more valuable than another internship back in the States. Looking back, I have to agree.

– Patrick Ward, ISU student of Engineering


I learned that even with the most minimal technology and money, amazing things could be constructed. Not everyone needs money and possessions to be happy or to gain wealth.

– Eli Abel, ISU student of Engineering


The great thing about the EOS team is that they really are trying to help. They think out of the box in order to provide cost-effective and useful products that will better the lives of people who do not have the luxuries that I am used to seeing. Spending time with the EOS team really has shown me how to work with what you have to accomplish a goal. It is awesome to see all the projects that are created with recycled materials and making them into something new and useful. I can only hope the impact I have made to Nicaragua is half of what it had made on me. I think just as I have experienced and learned a new culture, the people of Nicaragua have done the same through me. I hope I have brought to light new ideas that will open doors for the Nicaraguan people that will make their lives easier. What the world needs is an organization that works to produce sustainable solutions for people that really need it – and that is what EOS is all about.

– Michael Panek, ISU student of Engineering


EOS thinks critically about the viability, feasibility, and desirability of each design.

– Emily Waring, ISU Masters of Engineering student


I think the world needs more people like the EOS staff: warm-hearted, hard working, and generous. The work they are doing here is exceptional. To donate to EOS is not just money to a good cause, it’s the sharing of knowledge and community throughout San Isidro to better the current and future generations.

– Patrick Ward, ISU student of Engineering


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