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By Alvaro Rodriguez, Country Director for EOS

This is a dream come true.

I have been working at EOS International for 5 years.  Recently I traveled to the United States and visited Minnesota and Iowa. It made me very happy and excited to experience and share with people from a culture different than mine. Now I am very happy and excited, because here in Nicaragua, in my municipality San Isidro, and in my office, I get to host a group of students from Iowa State, members of the board of directors of EOS International, professors from Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota as well as EOS’ American staff here in Nicaragua.

My family and my work team are living a grand experience, a dream come true.

I always dreamed that one day I would have friends and brothers and sisters with us. In the beginning, this dream seemed impossible, due to the difference in culture and the lack of logistics for hosting. However, today I believe that nothing is impossible when you are persistent in the pursuit of an idea.

I am grateful for every person that has visited us, with other people that have not yet visited us–you all help us to dream. All of us help my country and my fellow Nicaraguans.

Without a doubt your visit helps us to grow in faith, to believe that si se puede (yes, you can) when we want to be successful. We will continue working in order to have improved lives and to have more visitors come and share this dream.

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