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After 10 years of working to support Central Americans to lift themselves out of poverty through simple technology solutions, we are genuinely touched by our supporters who believe deeply enough in our vision to give on a regular basis. 

In fact, we have a special group of supporters who believe so deeply in our work that they have decided to become monthly donors. Their recurring contributions mean that our work continues, and more families can lift themselves out of poverty.  

  • $30 monthly donation can provide a woman with the technology, skills, and training necessary to open her own bakery business and empower her to lift herself and her family out of poverty.   
  • $75 monthly donation can give 278 people access to safe water every day for a year. In addition to providing safe drinking water, it also provides training for local maintenance teams in the project area. 
  • $100 monthly donation can provide an entire village in Central America with access to safe drinking water, training and maintenance support. Access to safe water can change lives, unlock educational opportunities, economic prosperity and improve health. As a thank you for your committing to this level of support you will receive from our partner Vega Coffee in Nicaragua one 12oz bag of coffee each month for a year. 

We are asking you to consider becoming one of these exceptional individuals, who we fondly call EOS International Monthly Sustainers. One of the biggest things we depend on as a nonprofit is consistency, so that we can continue to help rural families throughout Central America. By becoming a monthly donor, you are helping us build strength and stability in partnership throughout Central America. 

As a Monthly Sustainer, you will enjoy: 

  • Hassle-free monthly donations 
  • Automatic donation payment from your credit card or checking account 
  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately 
  • An annual statement provided for tax purposes 
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time


It’s easy to sign up.

  1. First, go to our simple, secure online donation form. 
  2. Next, choose your monthly amount. Any amount will help families access safe water! 
  3. Then, provide your contact info, your payment method, and any optional details. 
  4. Click the donate button!
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